Dubai renowned as the city of gold in the Middle East is also one of the cities that never sleep. Famously known for its glitz and glamour, Dubai offers a lot of fun things to do day and night. This lavish city is filled with astonishing attractions that draw all kinds of visitors. Just like everything else on offer, Dubai nightlife events are way far from the ordinary. From luxurious nightclubs & dance bars to classic launches, the city’s entertainment options are unmatched. Dubai makes you feel like every night is different and unique. It is of course different from Dubai’s daytime, one might feel like roaming around the city. Equipped with all kinds of clubbing and entertainment options suitable for all kinds of people, Dubai has lots to offer. If you’re an exclusive and deluxe clubbing enthusiast, The Avenue Club Dubai is definitely worth a visit to jumpstart your weekend. A premium party spot for The Avenue a modern and trendy luxurious nightclub for party-goers that are in search of something elegant. The club offers different variety of fantastic cocktails & delicious foods. Located right in the heart of the city of Dubai, Avenue brings you a night that will take you to another dimension. The dance floor is so designed to fuse the present with the futuristic technology of LED screens and the supreme sound systems and plays ultra-modern hip-hop and local music. The Avenue awaits everyone seeking a fun-filled nightlife. For a high-spirited experience, this is the must-visit club. Also, check So Lounge club for the best after-party time. Find more to read about in our blog.