The genuine hospitality and graciousness of Dubai pubs have made them popular among tourists from across the world. The staff here is friendly and courteous. In most pubs, bartenders greet you with a smile saying hello. This practice is the gold standard for hospitality. Getting that welcome feeling from the first second you walk in is a critical factor.

Looking for a great time?

These unique drinking establishments have features that you’ll find in very few places. With exhaustive menus of alcoholic drinks, these pubs also serve different types of food. These places are more about the chatter and the music is usually soft and mainly a part of the background. Many of these theme-based pubs aim at a particular crowd. There are specific arrangements to suit particular patrons such as sports and music lovers. Most of these venues often open in the evenings and remain so, deep into the night. As the customers have a great experience here, they return again and again to repeat the same entertainment. Many of these spots rank among the top pubs in the world. Most of these places are located inside popular five-star hotels. The pubs serve classic drinks alongside their own creations. These Dubai venues remain classic and traditional in the key features. These hotspots tirelessly work to push the boundaries of creativity, surprising the guests with sophisticated and elegant innovations. The menu is also changed at the regular interval to prevent the pubs from becoming old-fashioned. Great drinks are the most obvious things in these popular pubs. These hotspots look after their community and the people around them well and hence are regarded as the best pubs in the region. They introduce different styles of cocktails, a differentiating factor from the regular drinking spots. Find more to read about in our blog.